"Someone finally got it right " in reference to the patent pending Manly Pet Halters. Internationally renowned horseman Sam Powell, Nashville, TN

"I don’t endorse many products but your halters are fantastic. I’m a stallion owner and most halters don’t fit them well. Their large jaws, thick necks and small muzzles make getting a good fit impossible. Your new innovative patent pending halters with 3 adjustments (not just 2 at most) give a horse the perfect fit. They are made with superior quality hardware and nylon that’s amazingly soft and supple. There are no buckles, no snaps, no pre-punched holes and no seams to irritate the horses face. The leads are made of the same soft high quality materials. If these halters fit my stallions this good, just think how good they will fit mares and geldings." 30+ year specialist of Quarter Horse and Thoroughbred breeding/handling/racing programs throughout North America notably Kentucky, Maryland, New York, Florida and Canada
Ken Feger, CEO, Komplete Feeds LLC, Louisville, KY

“ The Manly Pet halters appeal to all of us (either gender) who appreciate simple, clean lines and design.” Chris L. , Arlington, WA

“Diligent research to understand their shopping habits has resulted in products to which men may instantly bond.” The Daily Herald

“Delphi’s dog collar is beautiful. I will send a photo as soon as I get one taken” Angela W., Seattle, WA

“With each horse having different head shapes, your adjustable padded halter is not only beautifully built but foremost comfortable.” Sue F, equestrian consultant

“ Manly Pet Company offers unique gifts for not-so-foo-foo pets” Rick W., Stanwood/Camano News

“The Manly Pet halters are well made and look striking on the horses. I put my new halters in a safe place so they don’t grow legs.” C.A., HA Farms

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